Online Resources

I will list here the resources that may be of use: I will update from time to time.



Advice Guide, the CAB online portal is a marvellous resource on family matters including aspects of family life that people find most troubling such as what happens if your partner dies and there is no Will.

A gem of clear web design, Child Maintenance Options, has maintenance and expenditure calculators as well as a precedent for a private child maintenance agreement.

The Child Support Agency site contains, amongst other things, a useful calculator based on the present child support assessment model plus information on how to involve the CSA if you cannot broker a private child maintenance agreement with your partner.

DirectGov offers general but comprehensive guidance on all matters relating to divorce and separation.

The Family Procedure Rules and Practice Directions are in force from 6th April, 2011.  This link will take you to the Ministry of Justice site where the Rules and Practice Directions can be downloaded in PDF format.

The Money Advice Service offers budgeting tools and a calculator for working out potential scenarios for asset splitting.

Retail Prices Index is very useful for obtaining the figure by which any existing spousal or child maintenance is to be increased (if this was included in your order to receive or to pay maintenance).

The Pensions Advisory Service can give you information about anything to do with your pension, including occupational pensions, stakeholder pensions and personal pensions.

A wealth of information can be accessed from Only Dads on matters legal, emotional and financial.  Wholly complemented by Only Mums.  Both sites well worth a visit.

Check out Suzy Miller’s Starting Over Show for a wide variety of resources for those divorced, divorcing or just contemplating it all.

I like Family Law Blog maintained by Jonathan James: always interesting and informative.

Charon QC is a blog that deals with many matters, not just family law, but I include it here on the basis of finding it instructive, irreverent and downright provocative.  In other words, a top site.

Legal expertise is not the whole answer in many cases. The Life Coach Directory is a useful site for finding a life coach near you who may be able to assist in the self-awareness needed to make positive decisions about your future.

Sarah Pennells is a personal finance journalist and her Savvywoman site is a treasure trove of topical information.