Video: How to request a pension valuation on divorce

Completing Form E within divorce proceedings is difficult enough but one of the main mistakes is to underestimate the length of time it takes for pension providers to cough up the pension information.  But in the first place, it helps to submit the correct document: this is Form P (Pension Inquiry) to each pension fund holder. Using Form P is essential, otherwise the pension providers will not know the context of your request is a divorce and therefore will not give you the information needed for Form E.

Here is a short video on:

  • how to find the Form P for free on the internet;
  • the relationship between Form E and Form P;
  • how to complete Form P.

Form P is essentially used for the majority of private pension funds.  A different pension information request form is used if you are, for instance, in the armed services,  a police officer or a teacher.  As ever, I can always post on these exceptional circumstances if there is enough interest.

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  1. Nicky’s avatar

    Thank you for the information you provide on the dreaded Form E. Can you tell me which form is needed to provide both forces pension and the state pension please? Is it the solicitors job to provide this prior to submitting Form E?

    Many thanks,



    1. Alan Larkin’s avatar

      Hi Nicky,

      You need BR20 to value the Additional State Pension. The State Pension itself is not relevant for the purposes of Form E and is disregarded by the Family Court.

      AFPS Divorce/Dissolution/2 is the form you need to obtain the cash equivalent value of the armed forced pension fund. If you are the armed forces member then your solicitor must ensure that you have submitted requests to obtain your pension values in good time to record them on the Form E. If it is your spouse or civil partner who is the armed forces member then it is up to their solicitor to obtain this information for the Form E.

      You really need to have expert pension specialist assistance on the true or fair values of the armed forces funds – this should normally be obtained by jointly instructing a specialist to report to both you and your spouse on the sharing options available to you. You should address this requirement with your solicitor.

      I hope that is helpful.

      Good luck,




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