Alternatives to Court

Many people are unsure what type of process would best suit them when considering divorce or separation.  The days of running off to the court to issue a divorce application before your spouse are long gone (well, mostly).  Many clients would prefer to keep the process out of court unless it can be helped and, sometimes, involving the court is the only option.

Terms like ‘mediation’ or ‘collaborative law’ are chucked at prospective clients by lawyers in an information blizzard at a first meeting.

Divorce Finance Toolkit thinks a picture (or a diagram) paints a thousand words and therefore offers the following excellent example from Resolution which can be found here.  It is worthwhile considering each of the options open to you carefully.  Most family lawyers will send you a comprehensive letter following a first consultation which should set out the options for you and perhaps discuss the pros and cons of each model in view of your own particular family circumstances.

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